Tutorial 2 (Week 4) – Happily Blogging – “Flat Rosie”

Tutorial 2 (Week 4) – Happily Blogging – “Flat Rosie”

This colourful blog full of children’s drawings of “Rosie” was nominated for “Best Class Blog”, 2012 Edublog awards.

The title of the blog is “Flat Rosie’s Adventures, I am off to see the world”.

I loved this blog as it is based on one of my favourite children’s story characters – Flat Stanley.  It appears that “Flat Rosie” is sent by the class to other schools around the world, who take photographs with Rosie and update the blog with their time with Rosie.  This allows for children to learn about geography and cultures, to express themselves creatively and also to develop their social skills.  Flat Rosie provides the children around the world with a common link to bond with in the blog.  What a great idea!

The blog is not organised in the same manner as Mrs Yollis’ blog (which has numerous hyperlinks to useful information), which means that a user has to scroll down to find out more about the blog.    The concept of the blog is, however, fun, interactive and highly educational,




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