Week 4 Ipad App Review – Playschool & Puppet Pals

I found that the 30 second time constraint on the story made it challenging to sequence the story with a beginning, middle and end.  It required preparation in sequencing the story, and was a good pairs activity for manipulating the images and adding in the language.  I can understand how, as was done with the Wiley Park trial, using a suitable picture book and the play based activity of using plastic toy animals is an effective way to scaffold this activity together with close teacher supervision.

Ipad App Review: Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals is an interactive app that allows children to embrace aspects of multimodal literacies in am exciting social context. The app allows students to create, a story.

With the Playschool App, Amy Bull and I created a dramatic story about Big Ted rescuing Jemima from drowning on the beach, using suitable props such as a tidal wave, lifeline, bucket and spade, and lifeguard beach flags.

With the Puppet Pals App, we chose the royal castle as our setting with a princess, knight and an evil green witch as our characters.  We used different tones with our voices to act out the characters, such as a hissing voice and heckle for the witch.  The handsome brave knight of course rescued the princess from the witch in our story.

Both Apps have a timer to indicate the remaining time (30 seconds) for recording.  It goes so fast!  Planning is key.



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