Write a brief description/ review of the show and comment on what this means for teaching kids about internet and media content at school.

This is a clip of The Media Show, which is presented by two puppets, and is described as a “green episode” – as “everyone is green to get noticed these days” .    It appears to build on a prior episode on branding, and demonstrates how companies can present themselves through their marketing schemes as “green” by using images (such as an advertisement with happy babies in a car at a “gas” station, green colours) without any supporting facts.  The puppets talk about the seven sins of “greenwashing” and how easy it would be to look “green” on their show with a green screen and pictures.  The episode concludes that “it is easy to look sustainable but you can’t hide the truth”, and invites us to look at to see what product labels such as “free range” and “all natural” really mean.

Using a clip like this for students to better understand internet and media content would require an initial introduction and explanation of some likely unfamiliar terms used in the clip, for example “green”, “greenwashing” (see definition below), “gas station”, “marketing scheme”, “branding”, “EPA”, “sustainable”, and “product labels”.   It appears to build on an earlier episode on branding, which would help with better understanding some of the marketing content.   The visual presentation of this subject is effective in helping students to understand the power of marketing discussed in this episode – such as lights being off,  screen turning green, the images in the advertisement.  Some of the images may be disturbing however – such as “birdies ground up in wind turbines” and would only suit older children.  I think that, with adequate explanation of the content and tied in with the earlier branding episode, this clip would be a good teaching resource for internet/media content.



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